Biomedical Waste Management
Anything tested or used on an individual, or any trash from biological experiments is medical waste.
Let the waste of the 'Sick' not contaminate the lives of the 'Healthy'.
United CIIGMA Hospital hereby presents the Biomedical Waste Annual Report for the year 2018-19.
CIIGMA Health Foundation is formed by CIIGMA group of hospitals and is involved in: Cancer Research, Free Health Check-Up Camps in Rural Areas, Dialysis, Organ Transplant, Education, etc.
It pays for patients who cannot pay for themselves, providing healthcare to one and all.
CIIGMA Health Foundation is also recognized under 80G and 12AA of Income Tax Act.
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COCHLEAR Implant Surgery at United CIIGMA Hospital
For the deaf and dumb patients for whom, the traditional hearing aids are not helpful, the COCHLEAR implant surgery is a boon
Dr. Milind Kirtane, Mumbai and Dr. Ramesh Rohiwal performed the surgery.
Dr Unmesh Takalkar, Chief Medical Director of United CIIGMA Hospital and Dr. Ajay Rotte, CEO, worked hard for the success of this surgery.
Dr. Unmesh Takalkar gets fellowship from ASGE!
Dr. Unmesh Takalkar has been awarded with American Society for Gastroenterology Endoscopy (ASGE) Fellowship.
There are very few specialists doctors in India who have been awarded with the ASGE fellowship.
Dr. Takalkar has been trained by Dr. Nageshwar Reddy, chairman of Asian Institute of Gastroenterology.
United CIIGMA Hospital is now NABH accredited!
Inviting International patients.
One of the top hospitals in Maharashtra.
Quality Standards, Efficiency in operations led to accreditation.
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Since the last 30 years CIIGMA team is striving to serve society to the best possible extent, meeting the challenges of changing trends in medical technology all over the world. With a family of top notch, experienced consultants, CIIGMA is able to deal with emerging trends of multiple complex disorders affecting patients at once, requiring a multi-model approach implemented.

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Accomplished, gold medalist, world class doctors have served CIIGMA for the last 25 years, with excellent patient care being their primary goal, patient recovery being their #1 responsibility and patient experience being their greatest achievement.


Implementation of cutting edge technology and modern facilities at CIIGMA validates our pledge to provide highest level of healthcare and thus contribute to the welfare of our community and the welfare of our people.


Specializing in Cancer Care, CIIGMA is also a home to providing exceptional patient care in a wide variety of medical specialties. Click on the link above to learn more about the various departments in CIIGMA



Physicians and care givers at CIIGMA are consistently documenting advanced care procedures, upcoming trends in technology to cure complex diseases, distributing health tips for preventive care through the blogs.

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CIIGMA is committed to the idea of quality hospitality and patient safety. CIIGMA's focus is on maintaining a safe, healthy environment for all employees, patients and its visitors.

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CIIGMA 's state of the art research facility and CIIGMA 's commitment to staying current with latest methodologies and procedures, facilitates the creation of various web content, easily accessible to practitioners all over the world

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