Message from the Patrons

Dr. Nageshwar Reddy
Dr. Nageshwar Reddy
Asian Institute of Gastroenterology, Hyderabad

It gives me immense pleasure to extend my best wishes to the United CIIGMA Hospital, Aurangabad which is a satellite center of the Asia Institute of Gastroenterology, Hyderabad.

I have been visiting the Kodlikeri and CIIGMA Hospital for more than 14 years and I am witnessing the growth of these institutes by leaps and bounds.

The entire credit of this truly deserving success goes to the teams of Kodlikeri and CIIGMA Hospitals and the hard work, dedication and vision of Dr. Unmesh Takalkar and his team members. What is more rewarding is the paraphernalia of medical specilities which will be incorporated in the United CIIGMA Hospital. This will be an asset for the patients in the entire Marathwada, Vidarbha and nearby regions. I have also observed the faith of patients coming to both of these institutes and I am sure that the same ethical, low-cost model of medical services will also be followed in the upcoming institute.

Asian Institute of Gastroenterology, Hyderabad shall remain associated with the United CIIGMA Hospital and be a part of the continued patient care services.

Once again my best wishes for the success and prosperity of the United CIIGMA Hospital.

May this institute fulfill hopes of all the patients.

Dr. Suresh Advani
Dr. Suresh Advani
Asian Institute of Oncology, Mumbai.

Hope you are in pink of your health.

It gives me immense pleasure to extend my best wishes to the United CIIGMA Hospital, Aurangabad.

Over the last few years, Kodlikeri Hospital and CIIGMA Hospital have created a niche in the form of an advanced cancer care institute in this region. Prompt & genuine treatment, availability of chemotherapy, oncosurgery & recognition by most of the government organizations and TPAs, have been consistent features during these years. Cancer patients in this region now will have better treatment facilities in the new United CIIGMA Hospital. With the availability of all the specialities and investigative modalities and introduction of some new facilities for the first time, like nuclear medicine, will surely make the United CIIGMA Hospital, a perfect tertiary care center for the cancer patients. The association of Asian Institute of Oncology with Kodlikeri & CIIGMA Hospitals teams has been very long and will continue in the new hospital also.

I am sure that Dr. Unmesh Takalkar and his entire team will continue their efforts of patient care, with same zeal and enthusiasm in the United CIIGMA Hospital. I wish them very best in their endeavor of serving the patients and living up to their mission statement "Service to Humanity, Service to God!".