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It's a pleasure to introduce you to the one of its kind "United CIIGMA hospital". Social responsibility and philosophy of serving the patients are predominant factors in starting up this hospital.

In the medical fraternity everybody desires to serve society to its maximum extent. Since the last twenty five years this team is striving to serve society to the best possible extent. meeting the challenges of changing trends in medical services all over the world, is possible only with a team of dedicated professionals. Patients are also emerging with multiple problems at a time which needs a multi-model approach to treat the patients. Keeping this fact in mind, we started Kodlikeri Hospital, extended to CIIGMA Hospital and have now added United CIIGMA Hospital, a multi disciplinary setup which fulfils almost all necessary elements to treat in various medical fields. With modern diagnostic facilities added, various financial support systems for the patients and more than 70 super specialist doctors in the new hospital, this is a sincere attempt to make a healthier India.

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