Patient Testimonials

Depend on Us for Life.

I am fully satisfied with this hospital, all doctors and other staff.


Sayed Bashir AhmedAurangabad

Very good communication with patient.


Somanth RamekerAurangabad

Good service and excellent co-ordination.


Amit PandeyAurangabad

एक नंबर हॉस्पिटल आहे औरंगाबाद मध्ये.



The hospital serves its patients with a lot of respect.


Arati Prashant PatilAurangabad

रूग्णालयातील सेवा सुविधा अति उत्क्रूष्ट आहे. मी व माझे नातेवाईक पूर्ण समाधानी आहोत.धन्यवाद!


तांबे एकनाथ भानुदास नातेवाईक

रूग्णांची काळजी चांगल्या प्रकारे घेतात.


श्रीमती.अलका दिलीपराव देशमुखAurangabad

हॉस्पिटल मधील सेवासुविधा चांगली आहे.


रमेश गोविंद राठोड Aurangabad

It is our good fortune that Dr. Takalkar practices in Aurangabad. I felt safe getting a treatment from Dr.Takalkar and he even made me smile in times of trouble. I am very grateful to CIIGMA hospital and its staff.


Sunil Pandurang KulkarniAurangabad

रुग्ण ग्रामीण भागातील असो की, शहरी भागातील रुग्णांना तातडीची सेवा देऊन आपले रुग्णालय सामाजिक व राष्ट्रहित जोपासत असून आपले कार्य प्रभावी पद्धतीने पार पाडत आहे.


श्री. कृष्णा दादाराव वाघनातेवाईक

CIIGMA Hospital provides good medical treatment. All the sisters and brothers in hospital have very good temper.


Bhaagvad Naguni BhavaleCEO & Founder

The hospital serves with utmost care to patients from rural and urban areas and are thus fulfilling the social and national responsibilities.


Krushna Dadaroa WaghCEO & Founder

So pleasant, clean and high quality I.C.U. has never been seen before. Everything is said by this statement.


Anjani Siddhant GulwadiAurangabad

Great cleanliness. Dr. Takalkar's is Lord Brahma for us.


Vitthal ValekarAurangabad

Hospital's cleanliness is good and it is gives good treatment. In this atmosphere, the health of patients can become good.



Diagnosis and treatment of every disease happens at one place, so this avoid inconvenience.



We are very grateful to the entire staff of CIIGMA hospital for giving the most quality service.


Naamdev Baliram BobdeAurangabad

Since the day we all patients have been admitted in the hospital, we got very nice service.


Vipul Somnath PatneAurangabad